Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Whispers Publishing Free Giveaways For Our Readers!

On May 1, 2008, Whispers Publishing will begin sponsoring bi-weekly giveaways for readers participating in and posting to our Yahoo Group. To join simply visit HERE.

Additionally, by joining our Bebo Page HERE as a friend and commenting, you can earn additional chances at winning.

The more times you post and participate, the more chances you have to win.

If you're wondering what we'll be giving away, take a look at the list below!
Egyptian Perfume Bottles (made in Egypt and ordered from Egypt)
Papyrus Bookmarks from Egypt
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Chinese silver charms
And even more bracelets!

You don't want to miss out on your chance to win one of these beautiful prizes.

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There is no limit to the number of times you can win, and every other week we'll be giving away a different prize.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Naked in Vermont

A while back, I read an article about a town in Vermont that allowed public nudity. According to the article, which you can read HERE, "Vermont has no state laws against public nudity, although a handful of cities and towns have enacted anti-nudity ordinances."

So, what’s currently going on in the world of public nudity in Vermont? A naked bike ride being held June 7, 2008, to protest against oil dependency.

Their website HERE claims "it doesn’t hurt your ass anymore than a clothed ride". Somehow I find that a little hard to believe, but hey, I’ve never biked naked before, so maybe...

At any rate, if you’re near Vermont, you wish to protest oil dependency, and you have no aversion to biking naked, the ride starts at 2 PM!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Beauty Of Spring

Everything’s springing to life, flowers are blooming, the temperature is perfect—not too hot, not too cold—it’s glorious.

And I get to enjoy it, for the most part, from indoors. If I’m outside for more than fifteen minutes at a time, I become absolutely miserable. I sneeze nonstop, my eyes get itchy and watery, I get a runny nose, and at my worst, my entire face aches.

I was lucky, though, because I didn’t develop allergies until I was an adult, so during my childhood I was able to enjoy spring to the fullest. I really miss those days.

For those who don’t suffer from seasonal allergies—oh, how I envy you!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Something To Make You Smile

John was going on his first date, but wasn’t yet old enough to drive. He gave his chauffeur/father strict instructions: "Just drive. Don’t turn around, don’t try to talk to the girl, and don’t embarrass me!"

They arrived at the girl’s house, and John went to the door to pick up his date. As the two walked back toward the car, the father focused on staring straight ahead. The father heard the car door open and then slam shut. Following his son’s wishes, he drove away in silence.

A few minutes later, the date shyly leaned forward and said, “Excuse me, sir—John didn’t have time to get in the car. He’s still standing in my driveway.”

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cost of Prom

2 Prom Tickets - $80

Tux Rental - $170

Haircut - $20

Corsage - $40

Limo Rental – Oh, who the hell are we kidding, we can’t afford that, not after all the other senior year expenses we just got through paying for (cap & gown, graduation invitations, senior pictures, senior trip, etc)

Total: $310

Seeing son in something other than jeans and a t-shirt — worth the price!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Blog and MySpace Layouts

If you haven’t noticed, I changed my blog layout and I have a new, customized header!

I also changed my MySpace layout. Click HERE to view it.

Let me know what you think of them!

Monday, April 21, 2008

April Winner/Reminder of Spring Scavenger Hunt

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in my April contest! I had my youngest son draw a name out of the hat, and the winner is...Connie N. from Arizona.

Congrats, Connie! Your prize--an autographed copy of Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spear--will be mailed out in the next few days. Happy Reading!

Since some asked where they could purchase Terry’s book in the event they didn’t win a copy... you can purchase it HERE and HERE among other places.

Check my website and blog the beginning of May for information about my next contest. In the meantime, don’t forget about the NCP Spring Scavenger Hunt that I’m participating in (information HERE). You only have 9 more days to get your entry in!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Contest/Drawing (ends 04/20/08)--Win an Autographed Book

This month I'm holding a 'blog comment' contest/drawing. Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog (any post) between now and April 20th will be entered into the drawing. To increase your chances of winning leave a comment on more than one post. Your name will go into the hat for each comment that you leave up to three.

Be aware that if you are the winner of this contest/drawing your name and state (or country) of residency will be posted on my blog and website. The winner will be announced on April 21, 2008. I DO need your email address so I can contact you in the event that you win the drawing. If I can backtrack and locate an address for you (for example, an email address listed on blogger), then that’s wonderful. If not, then you need to send your email address, along with a copy of your post, to pamelatyner@hotmail.com The winner will be notified by email and will have one week to reply and provide their mailing address. If there's no reply after seven days a new winner will be drawn.

The prize this month is an autographed copy of a new release from my very talented critique partner, Ms. Terry Spear.

Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spear

While searching for clues of a lupus garou who is killing women in the rainy Portland suburbs, Bella Wilder becomes the hunted. She had run away from the gray pack who had taken her in when she was she young. And she will do so again before the brutish pack leader can have her.

Devlyn Greystoke has a mission—return Bella to the gray pack for safekeeping before she exposes their kind and gets herself killed. But little red wolves are in short supply and high demand and Bella’s determined to be the bait to flush out the killer. Keeping her out of danger is only half the trouble Devlyn encounters as his compulsion to make her his mate grows and she fights being his, fearful the pack leader will kill him.

Volan Smith, the gray alpha leader, claimed Bella when she was young. Now that he has located her, he wants Bella back. And he will stop at nothing to have her.

This is a fabulous book! Take a look at some of the reviews it’s received:

Fallen Angel Reviews (5 Angels and a Recommended Read!):
"Heart of the Wolf is full of action, adventure, suspense, and romance and is one of best werewolf stories I’ve read."

Simply Romance Reviews (GRADE: A):
"Heart of the Wolf is an outstanding read! Loaded with steamy, naughty sex its hot enough to scorch the pages and make you hot all over! Keep something cool nearby because you’re going to need it!"

Romantic Times Magazine Review (4 Stars):
"A solidly crafted werewolf story."

ParaNormal Romance Reviews:
"You’ll be drawn into the story from the first page to the last."

The Romance Studio:
"Enchanting romance with a unique twist!"

Visit Terry’s website HERE for more information about Heart of the Wolf and her other books.

2008 NCP Spring Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of spring and to show our appreciation for our readers, several New Concepts authors have joined forces to hold a Spring Scavenger Hunt exclusively for members of the New Concepts Readers and Authors Yahoo group.

Not a member of the group? Just click here to join:

Perks of membership include advance excerpts, members only contests, announcement of new titles, and one-on-one contact with authors.

The details of the Spring Scavenger Hunt will be announced April 1st on the NCP Readers and Authors group. The last date for entry is April 30th. There will be FIVE fabulous prize packages awarded. Each package will contain numerous goodies, including several NCP books.

Please come and join in the fun!