Thursday, November 30, 2006

The First Reviews For My Book!

I got my first reviews for Her Protector and I couldn’t be more pleased :)

Here’s what Joni at Two Lips Reviews had to say:

First time author, Pamela Tyner, writes a riveting, suspenseful and scintillating tale about two former young lovers who never thought they’d see each other again after their humiliating and devastating break-up years before. You’ll be left clutching the edge of your seat and anxious to find out how everything unfolds, as this reviewer was, whether or not the hero and heroine have a chance at making up for past mistakes after the ordeal is over. Her Protector is a story you’ll not be able to put down once you begin reading it. I highly recommend you rush to the online publisher site and purchase it; you won’t regret you did!

Click HERE to read the entire review.

Isabelle at Romance Reviews Today said this:

HER PROTECTOR is a well-written character driven novel that catches the reader's interest from the start. Tricia is like many women who have allowed a man in their life to dictate their worth. It takes an act of violence for Tricia to realize how bad her situation is and for her to make a move. Clint is a man with many layers. He can be autocratic as well as tender, and his care of Tricia shows him to be a man of understanding and compassion. The relationship between Tricia and Clint develops slowly as the past they shared has left them wary, particularly Tricia, who first had her heart broken by Clint, and then her spirit crushed by Matt. They dance around the attraction they feel for each other and yet are helpless to resist that attraction. Fans of series romances are sure to enjoy HER PROTECTOR, as this novel has the distinctive feel of a series romance.

Romance, danger, and suspense make HER PROTECTOR an enjoyable read.

Click HERE to read the entire review.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something to Make You Smile

Sex with a Cowboy

Prior to her trip to Texas, Buffy (a New Yorker), confided to her co-workers she had three goals for her trip to the Lone Star State:

1. She wanted to taste some real Texas Bar-B-Que.
2. She wanted to take in a bona fide rodeo.
3. She wanted to have sex with a real cowboy.

Upon her return, the girls were curious as to how she fared.

"Let me tell you, they have a tree down there called a Mesquite and when they slow cook that brisket over that Mesquite, it's ooooh so good. The taste is unbelievable!

"And I went to a real rodeo. Talk about athletes...those guys wrestle full grown bulls! They ride horses at a full gallop, then jump off the horses and grab the bull by the horns and throw them to the ground! It is just incredible!"

They then asked, "Well tell us, did you have sex with a real cowboy?"

"Are you kidding? When I saw the outline of the condom they carry in the back pocket of their jeans, I changed my mind!"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Secrets Wives Don't Tell Their Husbands

Yesterday I blogged about the article Eleven "Don't-Tell-the-Wife" Secrets All Men Keep by Ty Wenger. So, today I'm blogging about the article Eleven "Don't-Tell-the-Husband" Secrets All Women Keep by Jeannie Kim.

Here are the secrets she lists:
1. Everything we buy for ourselves—shoes, a skirt, even just stuff from the drugstore—really costs 20 percent more than we tell you it did
2. We actually think about sex—with you!—a lot
3. We're just as nervous about commitment as you are
4. We may be modern and independent, but we still want you to be "the man."
5. Our ex-boyfriends were not completely terrible in bed
6. We're scared that we'll turn into our mothers
7. We want you to be jealous—but just a little bit
8. Yes, we fantasize about hot celebrity guys, but that doesn't mean we want you to be them
9. We tell our girlfriends more than we admit to you (but less than you fear)
10. We really do notice and appreciate all the chores you do
11. We love you with all our hearts, but we still get wistful about the fact that we'll never feel that falling-in-love sizzle and spark again

Click HERE to read the entire article.

So, ladies, what do you think? Is the list accurate or not? Personally, I pretty much agree with everything listed, at least to some degree.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Secrets Men Don't Tell Their Wives

I read this great article by Ty Wenger entitled Eleven "Don't-Tell-the-Wife" Secrets All Men Keep.

Here are the secrets he divulges:
1. Yes, we fall in lust 10 times a day--but it doesn't mean we want to leave you
2. We actually do play golf to get away from you
3. We're unnerved by the notion of commitment, even after we've made one to you
4. Earning money makes us feel important
5. Though we often protest, we actually enjoy fixing things around the house
6. We like it when you mother us, but we're terrified that you'll become your mother
7. Every year we love you more
8. We don't really understand what you're talking about
9. We are terrified when you drive
10. We'll always wish we were 25 again
11. Give us an inch and we'll give you a lifetime

Number eleven sounds confusing, but it basically deals with allowing your significant other a little freedom, for example the freedom to attend his weekly poker game with the guys.

Click HERE to read the entire article. It's a fun, entertaining peek into the male mind.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fun Site--Quiz Yourself and Find Out How Much You Really Know

Got some extra time to kill? Visit HERE. At this website you'll find numerous short quizzes in the following categories: Language and Literature, Animals and Nature, Geography, Math and Science, Sports, History, and Miscellaneous (includes quizzes on everything from mythology to movie quotes).

Take a few of the quizzes and find out how much you really know. The results may surprise you.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Favorite Quotes

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech." -- Martin Fraquhar Tupper

"We are not retreating--we are advancing in another direction." -- General Douglas MacArthur

If you have a favorite quote, please share it!

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Start of the Holiday Shopping Season

Today is the official start of the holiday retail season. If you were at the stores today--on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year--I’m glad it was you and not me.

I’ll tell you a secret...I don’t like to shop. And naturally my husband loves that fact about me :) I don’t enjoy shopping at any time, but I absolutely hate shopping during the holiday season. The traffic, the parking, the crowds, the lines, it’s enough to make me want to pull my hair out.

Given that fact, you’d think that I’d be smart enough to get all my Christmas shopping done early. But do I? Of course not. Every year I plan on it, and a few years I’ve even managed to get a little of it done early, but I’m never completely finished until mid-December at least.

So far this year, I’ve bought absolutely nothing in the way of Christmas gifts. Not one single name has been marked off of my very long list. And I’m dreading the thought of entering those stores.

Of course, there’s always on-line shopping, but I really dislike paying shipping charges (they add up fast!). Still, it might be worth paying S&H to avoid the aggravation of heading out there in those crowds.

I’m going to go write out my Christmas cards, and I think I’ll even put on some Christmas music. Maybe it’ll help me get into the holiday spirit. I need all the spirit I can get before I start my shopping.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Winner is....

Thank you to everyone who participated in my November blog contest/ drawing. I had my oldest son draw a name out of the hat, and the winner is...Kim W. from Illinois.

Congrats, Kim! An autographed copy of Winning the Highlander's Heart by Terry Spear is en route to you. I know you'll enjoy this wonderful book. Happy reading!

Please remember to check my website and blog over the next few weeks for information about my upcoming December contest which will have two winners.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Chat Prize Winners

I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Ebook Readers Appreciation Day chat. Thank you to everyone who attended, and thanks to The Story Board for hosting the event!

I got to share some excerpts from my book, Her Protector, as well as read some fabulous excerpts from the other authors in attendance.

As promised, I (as well as the other authors) did hand out some gifts.

The winner of a free download of Her Protector was Liz D. from Missouri, and the winner of the 2007 'Men Are Like...' wall calendar was Susan B. from Canada. I hope you enjoy your prizes!

Thanks again to all who participated.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ebook Readers Appreciation Day--Visit The Story Board Loop on 11/16/06 to Win Prizes!

On Thursday November 16th, I’ll be participating in Reader Appreciation Day at The Story Board loop. Participating authors will be sharing excerpts and handing out gifts, so please drop by!

Join here:

Participating authors include:

Ann Cory
Madison Chase
Karen Erickson
Mia Romano
Emma Petersen
Anisa Damien
Louise Bohmer
Aurelia Abbott
Pamela Tyner
Cassandra Gold
Tianna Xander
Anna Leigh Keaton
Karen Duvall
Elaine Charton
Laurel Osterkamp
Stella Price
Annmarie Ortega
Tilly Greene
Veronica Arch
Sophia Danu
Silvia Violet
KL Bjork
Adriana Kraft
Katherine Warwick
Dee Lloyd
Terry Sheils
Jamie Hill
Jolie du Pre
Mari Atherton
Janis Susan May

Friday, November 03, 2006

Contest/Drawing (ends 11/20/06)--Win an Autographed Book

This month I'm holding a 'blog comment' contest/drawing. Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog (any post) between now and November 20th will be entered into the contest. To increase your chances of winning leave a comment on more than one post. Your name will go into the hat for each comment that you leave up to three.

Be aware that if you are the winner of this contest/drawing your name and state of residency will be posted on my blog and website. The winner will be announced on November 21, 2006. I DO need your email address so I can contact you in the event that you win the drawing. If I can backtrack and locate an address for you (for example, an email address listed on blogger), then that’s wonderful. If not, then you need to send your email address, along with a copy of your post, to The winner will be notified by email and will have one week to reply. If there's no reply after seven days a new winner will be drawn.

The prize this month is an autographed copy of a book by my very talented critique partner, Ms. Terry Spear.

Publisher: Vintage Romance Publishing

Lady Anice, Countess of Brecken, vows to flee the amorous advances of King Henry I and return to her home in the Highlands, where she hopes to find a laird to wed.

Highlander Laird Malcolm MacNeill seeking an English bride becomes entangled with the Scottish lass while trying to discover why her staff has vanished. Protecting the king’s ward without losing his heart to the willful lass and earning the king’s wrath, is easier said than done.

This book has received some wonderful reviews--5 Angels from Fallen Angels Reviews, 5 Beacons from Lighthouse Literary Reviews, 5 Hearts from Romance Studio, and 4.5 from Romance Junkies.

For information about Terry's other books, please visit her website HERE

New Blog to Announce Epublished Authors' New Releases and Contest

I’ve set up a blog specifically for Epublished authors to announce their new releases and/or contest information.

You will find the blog HERE

Readers, this blog will be updated on a regular basis. Add it to your favorites and visit it often :)

Authors, I encourage you to submit your new release and/or contest information to be posted on the blog. You will find instructions on the blog about how to do that.

Things A Parent Should Teach Their Son

I read an article recently about things a man should teach his son. You’ll find the article HERE.

It listed:
--a solid handshake
--a healthy respect for guns
--what to do when stopped by a cop
--proper condom use
--how to console someone
--the right way to dress
--how to defuse an angry person
--to be a safe driver

The article also mentioned helping your son get into college, which I equate to the important of education, and disciplining your son for drinking or smoking pot, which I would expand to teaching your son that illegal drug use of any kind is unintelligent and unacceptable.

I agree these are all things a parent (not just a Dad) needs to teach their son.

I’d add a few other things, such as:
--a respect for women
--how to own up to and learn from your mistakes
--be careful what you say when you’re angry. No matter how much you regret it or apologize for it, you can’t take the words back once they’ve been said.
--how to change a tire!
--proper manners at the dinner table (I had this discussion a few days ago with my youngest son), and actually just proper manners period.

Oh, here’s something I had to tell my 12-year-old recently: How far you can spit doesn’t impress a girl. He has on the phone with his female friend, was outside, and came inside to put up a ruler. I heard him tell her, “I can spit 15 feet.” Yes, he had actually measured the distance of his spiting abilities. Her response to his statement was, “Ewww!”

At any rate, I’m wondering what you would add to the list of things that a parent needs to teach their son.