Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Got Tagged

I got tagged. Twice, even. Thanks Randy and Marly :)

I'm to write 10 unusual things or habits about myself. Unfortunately, there's nothing all that unusual about me, so I had to dig deep. But, here we go...

1) My very first memory is standing on the back porch watching my grandmother chop the head off a chicken. Can we say, "She's obviously a country girl!"?

2) My grandfather was a Baptist preacher. He was one of those hellfire-and-brimstone preachers who put the fear of God right in you. He'd roll over in his grave if he knew some of the things I write.

3) Although I haven't shot a basket in well over a decade, I played on the basketball team in high school and was one of the top scorers, which really isn't saying much, because we weren't that good.

4) My senior year in high school I dated a bull rider. He sure was a whole lot of fun :) but not incredibly mature. In his defense, though, most 18-year-old guys are immature to some degree. So, in what was likely an effort to find someone more mature...

5) When I was in college, for about 8/9 months, I dated a man who was 15 years older than me. He was a great guy, but just a little too mature for me. I remember several instances where I accused him of being 'stuffy'.

6) I married the same man twice. The first time we married outside the U.S. and basically had no 'acceptable proof' of the marriage (the license was written in a foreign language and wasn't even notarized), so we figured the easiest thing to do was get remarried. We got married again on the same date one year later.

7) I wash my hands constantly. It all started my freshman year in college when I took a science class (Anatomy and Physiology, I believe--at the time I was majoring in nursing, but that only lasted a year!) and we discussed diseases that are spread by urinary/fecal–oral transmission. YUCK!

8) I talk to myself all the time, and sometimes it's not even 'me' doing the's my characters running lines for a scene.

9) I struggle with insomnia, which has only been a problem in the last few years. I miss going to bed, sleeping 8 hours straight, and waking up fully refreshed.

10) I own a pair of handcuffs, which probably isn't that unusual--I'm sure many people own some--but it sure did surprise my sister when she stumbled across them one day. Of course, I only purchased them for research purposes ;)


Vonda said...

Ooh these are SO interesting, Pam! Now I know a lot more about you. :-) I'm a country girl, too, by the way.

Carol B. said...

Similarities in our backgrounds:
1. My granny used to do the same thing. I helped her pluck, singe, and dress them many times. Have you ever smelled wet chicken feathers. GROSS!
2. Mine was too - but he died way before I was born.
4-5: I kinda combined these two and dated a senior as a freshman. Eventually married him and we're soon to celebrate our 27th aniv.
8. Yep. Same here. I'd always done this, without purpose until I became a writer. Now I know why random scenes (usually emotional ones or an argument) would come to mind. I was practicing dialogue until the real thing came along.
9. Me too!! Okay, this is getting eerie. I've always been a night owl, my mom too. But most of the time now I can't sleep over 5 hrs and sometimes it's the wee hrs of the a.m. before I can fall asleep. It's not a good thing - sleep deprivation - y'know?
10. I don't personally, but DH has a pair in his drawer. Of course, he's in LE, but still...