Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Movies/Books With Multiple Love Interest for Hero/Heroine

This weekend the movie Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon was on TV. I enjoyed the movie a great deal, but I also found it a little frustrating, because the heroine had two love interest. Both were great guys, and I could have easily pictured her being happy with either one of them. So, I didn’t know who to root for. Then I was afraid to root for anyone, because what if she ended up with the other guy? Then I would have been disappointed.

I'm wondering if others feel this way. When you see a movie or read a book where there are multiple love interest (for the hero or heroine), do you worry about being disappointed if you root for the wrong person? Or do you just sit back and enjoy the ride?


John said...

Maybe when trying to decide between two "perfect" potential partners, a girl should check out the moms. In this movie, home-grown "have some grits" vs. upstate "even my dog is better than you'll ever be." Sooner or later, some of us evolve into thinking what the last generation (insert parents) thought. Often enough to pay some attention.

That wasn't very romantic.

Lindy said...

Yeah, I'm not sure I like multiple love interests either, unless (*ahem*) it's a good erotic romance & it ends up in a delicious menage... *wink*


Pamela Tyner said...

Good point, John! That is something to consider.

Lindy--I agree with you on that ;)