Saturday, June 28, 2008

National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month!

If you’re considering sending some roses to your loved ones in celebration, here’s a guide to rose color meaning:

Red: Symbolizes love and romance
Pink: Symbolizes admiration, appreciation, gratitude
Yellow: Symbolizes joy and friendship
White: Symbolizes innocence, purity, new beginnings
Orange: Symbolizes passion, excitement, enthusiasm
Lavender: Symbolizes enchantment, often used to express feelings of love at first sight

Personally, I doubt I’ll be sending any roses, but since I’m always looking for an excuse to buy flowers—because I love having a big vase of flowers sitting on the table—I may celebrate by buying some to decorate my home. Of course, it would be a lot cheaper if I could grow my own, but that’s not an option for me--apparently I have a black thumb when it comes to growing flowers :(

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