Friday, December 29, 2006

25 Things About Me

I wasn't sure what to blog about today, so I decided just to share some things about myself via a survey that I received somewhere from someone (can't remember where/from who). So read on...because you know you're curious!

1) Do you think you're always right?
No, but I usually am :)

2) Do you dream at night?
I’m sure I do, but I rarely remember them.

3) Do you talk in your sleep?
I've never had anyone tell me that I do, but my husband does occasionally (he has yet to say anything incriminating) and so do both of our children.

4) Do you daydream?
Yes. Very often.

5) What's your zodiac sign?

6) Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I have many. I'm the oldest of seven.

7) Favorite drink?
Sweet tea with lots of sugar.

8) What's your favorite color?
Blue, and my house is filled with it.

9) City, beach or country?

10) Can you sing?
I can, but it’s not a pretty sound.

11) Can you dance?
No, but if I get a couple of beers in me, I think I can.

12) How long do your showers last?
As long as possible. I stay in the shower until ALL the hot water runs out.

13) Ever punch someone in the face?
Unfortunately, yes. I was young (17) and stupid, but I’m no longer either.

14) Have you ever been called a bitch?
Several times, but never by anyone whose opinion mattered to me.

15) Do you believe in love at first sight?
No, but I do believe in lust at first sight.

16) What was the first concert you ever went to?
Bon Jovi

17) First celebrity crush?
Andy Gibb (am I showing my age or what?), and I’m still a sucker for the Aussie accent.

18) First tattoo or piercing?
My ears when I was 18 (I had to wait until I was an adult to have it done). That’s the only piercing I have, and I have no tattoos, although I wouldn’t be completely opposed to the idea of getting a small one. It's just the thought of needles inserting ink underneath my skin that stops me (shudder!).

19) Would you ever have plastic surgery?
If I had enough nerve, I would, but after watching a few of those procedures on TV...

20) What's your worst fear?
That I’ll make some horrible parenting mistake that will screw my kids up for the rest of their lives.

21) Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school?
Yes, but don’t tell my kids. Actually, even if you told them, they’d NEVER believe it.

22) Have you ever done anything illegal?
I’d like to plead the 5th on that question.

23) Who has had the most influence on you?
My grandmother.

24) What's your worst memory?
The phone call I received informing me of my grandmother's (completely unexpected) death.

25) What's your best memory?
Thankfully, I have many of them, but the absolute best would probably be the birth of my oldest son, in a small part because after 21 hours of labor, I was just so relieved it was over with!

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Anonymous said...

Be glad you don't talk in your sleep. I do, and for some reason I can not lie when sleeping and have given away secrets lol Not good lol