Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Do Women Really Get a High From Hearing the Sound of Their Own Voice?

A few weeks ago the DJ’s on a local radio station were discussing the book "The Female Brain" which was written by Dr. Louann Brizendine, a psychologist at the University of California. Let me admit up front that I have not read this book. But apparently, Dr. Brizendine's findings have shown that women talk more than men.

Well, duh. Are there really people in the world that haven’t figured this out yet?

She goes on to say that women talk three times as much as men, they devote more brain cells to talking, and they get a buzz from hearing their own voice, similar to that felt by heroine addicts when they get a high.

The first two parts of that statement I'd pretty much agree with (especially in specific situations) but as for the last part... I don’t personally know what a heroine high feels like, but I can tell you this—speaking merely for myself, I don’t get any kind of high from hearing the sound of my own voice.

In fact, many times when I speak it’s not because I want to, it’s because I have to repeat everything I say two and three times. I live in a house filled with males, who all have perfect hearing, but I swear they only hear about 1/3 of what I say. Hence, the need to constantly repeat myself. Frankly, I get tired of doing it.

Maybe I’m just odd though and other women do get a high from hearing the sound of their own voice, but I find it a little hard to believe. What are your thoughts?


John said...

Although this isn't always the case, some complaints about the spouse not listening have to do more with timing and location of the speaker than the listener. Getting your spouse in eye contact before you start talking would eliminate some of the repetition. This requires talking to the spouse where they are located, not half way across the house. This also requires giving the spouse the opportunity to prepare. Despite all of the non-listening complaints, the problem may lie as much with the speaker as with the listener.

Little Lamb Lost said...

I don't feel that women get a high from hearing their own voices. I think that repetition to husband or children is annoying to need to do. Johns comment with getting eye contact works well but is not fail safe, they may still claim to forget or say they had not understood later.

Something else to think about, many women tend to use more descriptive language in general to be more precise with their meaning.

Just my thoughts on this.