Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of year when everyone thinks about fresh starts and makes that list of New Year’s Resolutions. Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve made and broken hundreds of them. So I was thinking today about why I’ve failed to keep so many. Here are some of the reasons I came up with:

--the goal was unrealistic
--the goal was too general
--I had no actual plan of how I intended to reach the goal
--I would slip once or twice and then just give up the entire goal
--I simply wasn’t committed enough to reaching the goal

So this year I’m determined to avoid those problems. As of now, I’m still working on my resolutions :) Hey, it takes a lot more effort when you have to put some real thought into them!

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about New Year’s Resolutions. As much or as little as you’d like to share. For example: Do you make them? On average, how many do you make and then keep/break? Have you made any this year? And if so, feel free to share one or two of them!


Anonymous said...

I do not make any. I have in the past, and have always broken them. Figured may as well not set myself up for failure. Sure I have goals, but would want to reach those goals no matter what time of the year.

robynl said...

I make resolutions and my big one this year is to find the fine line between worry and concern. I worry too much and want to be concerned more and forgo the worry.

CrystalG said...

I always want to eat healthier and lose weight.