Monday, October 01, 2007

Contest/Drawing! Tell Me Your Turn-offs

When you were dating, what thing(s) could a person do that would make you move them from the category of "I might like to date them/continue dating them" to the "Never in this lifetime would I date them/go on another date with them" category?

Here are a few of mine:
** constant bragging
** making critical/belittling remarks about others that are uncalled for
** being self-centered
You know the type--it’s all about them. Apparently as children they never learned that the world doesn’t revolve around them.
** being judgmental
I think we’re all judgmental to some degree, but some people take it to the extreme

Leave a comment on this post and tell me your turn-offs!

As an incentive, everyone who replies will be entered into a drawing for a copy of Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyre. Since we celebrate Halloween this month, I though a book containing witches, vampires, shifters, etc, would make a very appropriate prize :) This book is a collection of short stories by twenty authors, including Gena Showalter, PC Cast, Susan Grant, MaryJanice Davidson, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Rachel Carrington, and more.

You have until October 20th to leave a comment. On October 21st, I will choose one winner at random. Be aware that if you are the winner, your name and state (or country) of residency will be posted on my blog and website.

I DO need your email address so I can contact you in the event that you win the drawing. If I can backtrack and locate an address for you (for example, an email address listed on blogger), then that’s wonderful. If not, then you need to send your email address, along with a copy of your post, to The winner will be notified by email and will have one week to reply. If there's no reply after seven days a new winner will be drawn.


C. Gwynn said...

My turn offs are guys who:

* think the world needs to bow down and worship them. They have the cocky walk and attitude.

* talk on their cell phones while on a date.

* flirt with the waitress and any other girl near by while on a date.

* while on the date telling me how great he is and all he is great at.

Don't call me again, thank you.

BethRe said...

Whiners, negative people, people who criticize but have no ideas for improvements.

blackroze37 said...

ack this blog hates me

Maureen said...

He talks about old girlfriends.

Latesha said...

Guys who think that they are God's gift to women, insecure males that try to make you feel about yourself, and all around jerks.

littlelamblst said...

Guys who ignore there dates preferences completely and repeatedly....especially after asking what you would like.

Chris Roberts said...

My turn offs:

deliberate rudeness

ChristyJan said...

My PHYSICAL turnoffs: yellow, stained or crooked teeth (these things can and should be fixed)

Other turnoffs: talking bad about people - I can only imagine what might be said about me behind my back

Sue Swift said...

My turn-offs:

--Poor manners. I don't insist that he open every door, but please don't be rude.

--I'm with christyjan when she complains about the bad teeth. Get them fixed. Amazing how some men have expensive cars and top of the line plasma TVs and bad teeth. And brush those teeth, OK??? There's no bigger turn-off then bad breath, dirty clothes and a smelly body.

--Constant self-aggrandizement. Have you ever noticed that most men's favorite topic is themselves, their golf game or their football team? YIKES.

Ironeyes said...

Hello; Turn/offs and Turn/Ons
Gals that are late
Poor values & morals
Improper manners esp table
No sense of humor
Bragging and gossip
Poor langugage skills
Improper attire for the situtation
Poor care of oneself
Piercings and Tattos (extreme)
Women who are over self indulgent
Unfit and unhealthy

Turn ons:
Fit and healthy woman
Good sense of humor
Good idea of life
Well educated
Proper table manners
Good conversationalist
Able to adapt to new situtations
Proper attire

Disclaimer: the lists are not all inclusive but a general guage for me to go by.

Pamk said...

whiny people
women who play stupid/helpless to get thier way.
rude people
men who order their ladies around.

Sarah said...

Obviously, there are many types of guys that turn me off but here are a few examples.

-Yellow or bad looking teeth
-Impoliteness and horrible manners
-Think he's the king of the world and that he's always right
-Think that women are inferior
-Flirt with other girls while they're with their girlfriend
-Always complaining
-Never serious or too serious
-Lots of piercings or tattos
-Regularly consume drugs or too much alcohol, especially if he tries to oblige me to do the same.

There are many others but I guess we get the point, the way I wrote this sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not ^^ Just giving my opinion.


blessedheart said...

My turnoffs are:

-A man who chews food with his mouth open and smacks his lips

-a man who talks about himself too much and doesn't seem interested in me or anything else

Rhonda :-)

Sarah said...

Hmm, sorry to post again but I forgot to write my email adress...

Debra said...

talk on cell phones while in the store bugs me when they are very loud and very vulgar.

People who always blame someone else for thier shortcomings or thier mistakes.

Earlene said...

My turn offs are :
guys who look at other women and say things about other women while out with me, being rude to me or other people, body odor - bathing doesn't cost alot or take long to do. make jokes about me or how i look to other people. putting me down. thinks everyone loves their pet as much as they do. well the list could go on and on,but i think
i will stop here. LOL.

Lisa said...

I have to agree with alot of these there a big turn off. But when I guy brag about himself and say he never give up his pleasure for you. To me that is a big turn off. Second one is to lie to you.
Third is to flirt with every female out there.

Vicky B said...

*Bad grooming - bad breath, teeth, smells, etc.

*Sloppy beyond normal "oops"

*Too into himself

*Tendancy toward violence (talks about hurting things)

*obviously prejudicial


*can talk about nothing but cars or sports - he needs to have a brain in there somewhere (besides in his pants)

vicky b.

Kimberly L said...

People who cut you off midsentence
People who are so loud you can't help but look they're way when they are talking
Those who go out of their way to make you look bad

melanie said...

My turn off is for a guy to look at other girls when he is with you

acdaisy95 said...

rudeness, people sweeping nearby while eating, body odor, guys flirting other guys when they are married or involved

acdaisy95 said...

Oops, I forgot to add my email address:
sunflower95_daisy AT yahoo DOT com

blackroze37 said...

to be refer to as 'the little lady' or sweetheart, honey, by some big ole redneck who just cant seem to help themseveles

to flirt with other gals on the date

some1 who knows evreything but dont know nothing

Caffey said...

Hi Pamela.

I've been married almost 25 years, but I remember a few dates that I had that turned me off:

>>>Too into a topic and non stop talking that even when told I'm not interested they continue to say why I should be interested sports, engines).<<<

>>>Too touchy for a first date. Possessive around others.<<<

>>>No manners for a gentleman (eating excessive amounts of food, talking with food in mouth, No assiting with door, etc <<


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm my turnoffs while dating...

1)poor grooming
2)using excessively foul language
3)treating me like a kid intead of an adult (I dated a few guys a bit older than me who forgot that at age 25 I wasnt a kid)
4) being self-centered and monopolizing the conversation with talk about themselves


Stacia said...

My biggest turn off is when a guy thinks that just because I'm a female, he's smarter & just plain better than me. Sorry to disappoint, but that's just not true.

judy said...

I can't stand someone who has done everything and knows everything.I don't like a man who talks about his old girlfriends or women who "want" him.

Mahaira said...

Great prizes, Pamela. Some lucky gal is going to enjoy them a lot.

- I really don't like people who have a God complex, who think that it is their right to correct others no matter how personal the problem is.

- Men who think that they are the most superior beings and women are there just to dust their feet and polish their shoes.

- Constant nagging about one thing or the other.

- a person who bad mouths others. Some gossip is okay but sheesh who wants to know whether one wipes their feet after coming out of the wash room.

Thanks for letting me vent. I feel pounds lighter, today.

cas2ajs said...

A lot of the same things that have already been mentioned. Guys that make fun or belittle other people. Flirting with other women while he's out with you. And a big one is monopolizing the conversation and not letting you get a word in, as if you're opinions and thoughts don't count.


Katy said...

My biggest turnoff is when a guy tries to force you to have sex.Demands you on what to wear and how to look.All ways talking about he can have any girl he wants.Thinks he is so good.I could go on and on but that gets a good point of things that turn me off.

Cynthya said...

One big turnoff for me is a poor tipper. I don't care how nice he is otherwise, if he doesn't tip well it's over.

Talking on his cell phone is another big turnoff, like others have said.

Another is someone who knows nothing about current events but can give you a blow-by-blow account of any sports event.


EdgesAngel23 said...

My MAJOR turn off is guys who chew tobacco and then expect a kiss with CHEW STILL IN THEIR MOUTH!! That is just gross!!
Also, men who talk about their ex's incessantly, are narcissistic, and are just rude...
Ashley A

bamabelle said...

An immediate dealbreaker for me is someone who is cruel or overly critical. If someone is mean to children, the elderly, or animals I would never even consider them a possibility.

Anonymous said...

Guys who have a chip on their shoulder due to previous relationships.