Sunday, September 30, 2007

Supply And Demand

One of the basic laws of supply and demand is: when demand is greater than supply, prices rise.

Earlier this month, I was looking to purchase a paperback copy of Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred. This book is no longer in print, because the publisher, Triskelion Publishing, has recently gone out of business (bankruptcy). However, I hoped that I would be able to find a bookseller that still had a new copy available at a reasonable price. Thankfully, I did.

But, I was shocked at the prices some are charging for this book. $50, $75, $100, all the way up to $200. Supply and demand in action, I guess. A demand for the book + zero new supply = outrageous prices. Sadly, the authors won't see a penny of those increased prices. Or actually, the Red Cross won't see a penny, because 100% of the authors' royalties were to be donated to the Red Cross.

Why I was looking for this book? Come back tomorrow and find out!

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