Friday, November 30, 2007

Brighten A Soldier’s Day!

When our children were very young, my husband and I decided that one of the many things we wanted to teach them was the importance of giving back to the community. While we try to do this year-round, we always make sure to do it during the holiday season. Some years we donate items to a local charity. Some years we choose a child from the 'Angel Tree' to purchase gifts for. Some years we simply volunteer our time.

This year we decided to send some care packages (personal hygiene items, snacks, etc.) to deployed soldiers. I found numerous organizations that can assist in doing this. After visiting many different websites (and researching them to make sure they were legit!), I choose to use

If you’re interested in brightening a soldier’s day, click HERE to visit At their website, you’ll find a HUGE list of units to choose from and requested items from those units. And if you’re short on funds and unable to send a care package, send a letter. Unfortunately, there are many soldiers who get very little mail, or no mail at all. A letter from someone letting them know that they are appreciated will put a smile on their face.

And finally, since I can see this coming….for anyone who feels the need to tell me that they don’t support the US involvement in Iraq (or anywhere else)--please don’t. I’m not saying I do or don’t support it, but I always support our troops and am very grateful for the sacrifices that our soldiers make.

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