Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brava Novella Contest--Please Vote!

My fellow critique partner, Liz Falkner, has finaled in the Reader's Choice portion of the Brava Novella Contest.

I’m so proud of Liz! She’s a fabulous author (not to mention an all-around great person), and I encourage you to support her by participating/voting in this contest.

Click HERE to access the Brava Forum. You can read the entries (there are 20 total) by clicking on the Brava Novella Reader's Choice Finalist Thread. Liz’s entry is #310, TREASURE’S PLEASURE. Then vote for your favorite three by clicking on the Official Voting Thread. Please note that you must register for the forum in order to vote.

Voting will be open--I believe--for approximately one more week.

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