Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Normally, I do not shop on the day after Thanksgiving—for one reason because it’s way too crowded!—unless there’s something I really want and it’s priced ridiculously low (as in 75% off).

But this year, #2 son woke me up at the crack of dawn to go shopping, because he saw a necklace in the paper that he wanted to buy his female friend for Christmas. So since we were there, I decided to look at two other necklaces that were also on sale.

Surprising, we were the second in line at the jewelry counter (which just shows how early we arrived, because by the time they opened, the parking lot was packed). The woman in front of us asked to see the two necklaces that I was interested in. During the course of their conversation, the saleswoman stated that they only received one each of those necklaces, so, of course, the woman purchased both. Thankfully, they had six of the necklace that my son wanted, so he did get to buy his Christmas gift.

I’m not upset that I didn’t get to buy these necklaces, but here’s what does upset me—if a store advertises something, they need to have it in stock (to only have one is ridiculous!), and if they don’t have it, they need to offer rain checks. Could I get a rain check? No, because at the bottom of the sales paper in tiny print it said ‘no rain checks’.


Carol Burnside said...

Happens often in the auto industry. They list a vehicle for a ridiculous price, but only have one on the lot and list as "while supplies last" or some such wording. Bait and switch. It ain't fair, but it works.

Jeff Rivera said...

I agree with you Carol. It is just unfair for them to do that.