Monday, October 30, 2006

Word(s) in the Title That Entices or Fails to Entice

What word(s) in the title of a book will entice you to check out the book further? And, what word(s) will utterly fail to entice you?

For me:

Always entice: cowboy :)
Fails to entice: sheik


Terry Spear said...

Highlanders....think of a brawny guy in a kilt....hmmm-hmmm!!!

Susan said...

I agree with sheik. I run from them.

Highlanders? I run to them.

Rogues, outlaws and Gunfighters have a appeal as well.

glenna day said...

Words that entice are highlander, vampires, Lord, and pirates. Love to read about all of these.

Fail to entice...hmmmm not sure...i'd have to agree with sheik.

Vonda said...

People must love Highlanders. Me too!! So I'd say words that entice me to buy a book... Highlander, Scot, kilt, or my favorite author's name on the book. :-) I also consider the whole cover, front and back, when trying to decide to buy a book.

Not sure about turn-off words. :-)

Pamela Tyner said...

Lots of Highlander lovers. I’ll admit that I never read many highlander books UNTIL I met up with some critique partners that wrote them, and then I realized that I’d been missing out on a whole world of yummy, alpha males :)

I also agree with the outlaws, vampires, etc...gotta love them.