Friday, November 03, 2006

Things A Parent Should Teach Their Son

I read an article recently about things a man should teach his son. You’ll find the article HERE.

It listed:
--a solid handshake
--a healthy respect for guns
--what to do when stopped by a cop
--proper condom use
--how to console someone
--the right way to dress
--how to defuse an angry person
--to be a safe driver

The article also mentioned helping your son get into college, which I equate to the important of education, and disciplining your son for drinking or smoking pot, which I would expand to teaching your son that illegal drug use of any kind is unintelligent and unacceptable.

I agree these are all things a parent (not just a Dad) needs to teach their son.

I’d add a few other things, such as:
--a respect for women
--how to own up to and learn from your mistakes
--be careful what you say when you’re angry. No matter how much you regret it or apologize for it, you can’t take the words back once they’ve been said.
--how to change a tire!
--proper manners at the dinner table (I had this discussion a few days ago with my youngest son), and actually just proper manners period.

Oh, here’s something I had to tell my 12-year-old recently: How far you can spit doesn’t impress a girl. He has on the phone with his female friend, was outside, and came inside to put up a ruler. I heard him tell her, “I can spit 15 feet.” Yes, he had actually measured the distance of his spiting abilities. Her response to his statement was, “Ewww!”

At any rate, I’m wondering what you would add to the list of things that a parent needs to teach their son.


Tara W said...

I don't have kids, but I would teach them to cook and clean so that they will be prepared when they get older.

faymas said...

I have no kids as well but I would agree. Knowing how to fix a cup of tea or make a sandwich is a must.

Plus they must learn how to put the toilet seat down and how to wash their hands after going to the toilet.

Also peeing by the side of the road or a wall is disgusting

Susan said...

That is all very good advice.
I think learning to enjoy life is good too. Forgive the cliche but stopping to smell the roses along the way. Too often one goes through life so consumed by it that you don't notice those precious moments that are so fleeting.

ChristyJan said...

I have three sons ages 24, 18 and 16.

I came from a family of 4 girls-no boys, so having sons has been an eye-opening trial and error experience for me.

I've "tried" to teach them many things:
how to iron a shirt
baking cookies (even if only from a pre-made refridgerated package)
open doors for women (call me old-fashioned, but I love it when it happens to me)
real men NEVER hit or try to intimidate women
housework ISN'T just the woman's job

joye said...

And I have taught my grandsons that a guy who loves to shop is not a wienie!
And I always told them the way to a woman's heart is with diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. Ha

Pamela Tyner said...

Thanks for the comments! I agree with all everything you all mentioned. They're all important things for boys to know!