Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two Contests That May Interest You :)


Fellow North Carolina author (and critique partner :) Nicole North is celebrating her first sale, a novella called "Devil in a Kilt" to Red Sage Publishing for a Secrets anthology, by holding a contest.

What is the prize? Two winners will get to choose 2 books each from a list of 10 books in different subgenres (historical, contemporary, romantic suspense, chick lit, paranormal, etc).

How to enter? There are two ways. You can enter by answering the question "What's worn under a kilt?" which is posted at her blog, or by joining her Yahoo newsletter mailing list. Do both and be entered twice!

Click HERE to visit Nicole's blog all the details.

The contest runs through the end of September.


Author Linda Warren is celebrating the release of Adopted Son, by holding a contest through the end of October. There will be four winners.

The prizes are:
**Texas Ranger Teddy Bear (a Wilde & Wolly Bear especially made by Terry Spear, who in addition, to being a talented bear creator, is a fabulous author, and another one of my critique partners :)
**Handmade Baby Quilt made by Marlene Urso
**Cowboy Jewelry in a Red Boot
**a stuffed dog that barks

Click HERE to visit Linda’s website for all the details.

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