Friday, March 28, 2008

America's Most Lustful Cities/Only One Southern City Listed?

Per research firm ACNielsen, based on over-the-counter contraceptive purchases, Denver, Colorado is the most lustful city in the US, followed by:

San Antonio, Texas
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Salt Lake City, Utah
Boise, Idaho
Washington, D.C.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Baltimore, Maryland
Buffalo, New York
Rochester, New York

You can read the full article HERE.

Of course, you have to take into account that lots of people don’t use over-the-counter contraceptives. I haven’t used an over-the-counter contraceptive in many, many years, but that doesn’t mean there’s not lots of lust in my life ;)

I did find it interesting that San Antonio was the only southern city to make the list. Why is that? I'm sure there are numerous factors that come into play, but I suspect one reason might be a lack of safe sex education programs/awareness of the youth. Being a southern I can tell you that there are still plenty of parents who don’t discuss safe sex with their children. And in my area they refuse to allow the schools to do it either—the schools here teach abstinence only. They’ve tried to change the policy several times to make the sex education instruction more comprehensive, but too many (very vocal) parents object.

Are our young people abstaining from sex? I’m sure some are, but apparently not enough, because we rank in the top ten states with the highest teenage pregnancy rate. They’re having sex, they just aren’t using protection. And that’s why I’m very sad to see that my city didn’t make this list, not because it would prove we were lustful, but because making it would mean more people are having safe sex.

I swear when I started this post it was not supposed to be a rant about the importance of teaching young people to practice safe sex, but it kind of veered off in that direction, didn't it?

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