Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Your Cell Phone Color Says About You

I read an article recently that stated a person’s choice of cell phone color signals something about them.

A brief breakdown:
Red--provocative, dramatic, powerful
Orange--social, optimistic, energetic
Yellow--lively, friendly
Green--peaceful, values harmony and balance
Blue--dependable, soothing, calming
Purple--artistic, desire to be unique and different
Pink--innocent, playful, flirtatious
Black--dignified, impressive without being showy
White--values simplicity
Gold--reflects a desire for prestige

While I agree that sometimes the colors you choose say something about you, in the case of my cell phone... I have a red cell phone. What it says about me is simply this--the red phones were on sale when I bought my cell phone :)

Then again, in considering it further, if another color had been on sale--for example, purple--I might have spent more money and bought a different color. While purple is a beautiful color, I don’t own many purple things, because the color is just a bit too flashy for me. Soooo, maybe the red phone does say something about me. Do I consider myself provocative and powerful (I definitely am not dramatic)? Not especially, but maybe I want others to view me that way.

What color is your cell phone, and do you think the color says something about you?

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