Friday, November 17, 2006

Chat Prize Winners

I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Ebook Readers Appreciation Day chat. Thank you to everyone who attended, and thanks to The Story Board for hosting the event!

I got to share some excerpts from my book, Her Protector, as well as read some fabulous excerpts from the other authors in attendance.

As promised, I (as well as the other authors) did hand out some gifts.

The winner of a free download of Her Protector was Liz D. from Missouri, and the winner of the 2007 'Men Are Like...' wall calendar was Susan B. from Canada. I hope you enjoy your prizes!

Thanks again to all who participated.


Tara W said...

Congrats Ladies!

bamabelle said...

Congrats Liz and Susan! :)

robynl said...

congrats Susan and Liz.