Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Secrets Wives Don't Tell Their Husbands

Yesterday I blogged about the article Eleven "Don't-Tell-the-Wife" Secrets All Men Keep by Ty Wenger. So, today I'm blogging about the article Eleven "Don't-Tell-the-Husband" Secrets All Women Keep by Jeannie Kim.

Here are the secrets she lists:
1. Everything we buy for ourselves—shoes, a skirt, even just stuff from the drugstore—really costs 20 percent more than we tell you it did
2. We actually think about sex—with you!—a lot
3. We're just as nervous about commitment as you are
4. We may be modern and independent, but we still want you to be "the man."
5. Our ex-boyfriends were not completely terrible in bed
6. We're scared that we'll turn into our mothers
7. We want you to be jealous—but just a little bit
8. Yes, we fantasize about hot celebrity guys, but that doesn't mean we want you to be them
9. We tell our girlfriends more than we admit to you (but less than you fear)
10. We really do notice and appreciate all the chores you do
11. We love you with all our hearts, but we still get wistful about the fact that we'll never feel that falling-in-love sizzle and spark again

Click HERE to read the entire article.

So, ladies, what do you think? Is the list accurate or not? Personally, I pretty much agree with everything listed, at least to some degree.


Tara M. Leigh said...

I saw that article...I think it was meant for a more normal marriage than mine! LMFAO!

With Love,
Tara M.

Kelley said...

Sounds pretty right on to me!!